In the past few years the The Grange School has moved away from the traditional system of ‘Inspectoria’ to a much broader Pastoral Team.

The main aim of the team is to provide pastoral care to every pupil of the School. This mission includes registration, the delivery of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and the continued monitoring of pupils’ academic progress and conduct.

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Overseeing each year group is a Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. Each pupil has a form tutor who is the pupils first port of call if they require assistance.

The team’s role is to provide support for pupils, but also to apply the sanctions of the School when and where appropriate. In fact these sanctions are part of the child’s formative education.


Finally, the organisation of Social Service falls under the umbrella of the Pastoral team.

The Pastoral Team is led by Irene Villarroel (Deputy Pastoral of Senior School).

In the Upper and Lower Prep School, the form teachers are mainly the ones who assist the children when needed.

They report to their Heads of Year, who inform the management (Head of Upper Prep: Mr. Charles Barton or Deputy Pastoral Upper Prep: Carolina Varela; Head of Lower Prep: Carmen Gloria Gómez or Deputy Pastoral Lower Prep: Susan Pettersen) of any pastoral concerns.

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