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Year Groups
The Grange Spirit
Headmaster´s Message

Our Past

We want to form young people who will be useful to the country and
are trustworthy.

This is how our Founder articulated his ideal of a new school in Santiago. John Jackson was a man of vision, a porteño of English origin who, on 4th June 1928, achieved his dream of founding a Chilean institution broadly based on traditional British educational principles.

The Grange started with only 12 boys, all of whom became boarders and this number grew steadily following the extraordinary success of John Jackson`s vision. In the early ‘70s, our School experienced its greatest change ever - it no longer was a boarding school, we welcomed girls for the first time and the roll reached a record number of pupils.

Throughout its history, The Grange has faithfully adhered to our Founder´s educational philosophy, based on developing the potential of every pupil through a commitment to discipline and good manners. This all-rounder concept is linked to the renaissance ideal of an integrated, holistic education, where the mental, physical, social and moral coalesce to give balance and enhance individual growth. Furthermore, the spirit of fair play underpins all aspects of life at school and encourages respect for universal values.

We are about to celebrate our 85th Anniversary ; eight decades of tradition, commitment and dedication to an institution, which has greatly contributed to positive changes within Chilean society.


The present

After over eighty years and with 1950 pupils on roll, our school is synonymous with quality and excellence. Leavers are thoroughly prepared to embark upon university courses and to become trustworthy leaders in the future.

The Grange has provided us with strong values, a relentless search for knowledge, access to vanguard technology and great facilities. The ten hectare site incorporates the necessary infrastructure in order to provide us with every tool needed to help our pupils reach the highest standards, both academically and beyond the classroom.

The Grange is a fully bilingual institution, enjoying strong bonds with Britain and the Commonwealth. Our Preparatory School education encourages total immersion in English from Pre-Kinder. The Senior School curriculum is a blend of national and international programmes, which aims to prepare our pupils for further studies at the university of their choice, anywhere in the world. We are involved in on-going programmes of teacher and pupil exchanges between Chile, the UK and the rest of the world, in order to encourage the sharing of ideas, methodology and experience.

All of these efforts have placed us amongst the best independent schools in Chile, and bestowed on The Grange School an outstanding reputation amongst the top schools in Latin America.


The Future we see

The Grange is intent on retaining, rekindling and renewing the best of the past - we see ourselves as tradition in movement. Whilst being aware of 21st Century changes, our future challenge is to remain loyal to the educational ideals of our foundation. In this respect, we are committed to:

-reinforcing the traditions and values that have determined the seal of the School and of our former pupils. A pillar of our project is the formation of all-rounders, pupils who are interested in academic, sporting and artistic pursuits, yet also proving to be responsible and sensible citizens. Fair play should be the cornerstone of everything young Grangeonians do. From their earliest years, our pupils should be encouraged to discover the “Grange spirit” and learn to embody our rules and values;
-encouraging pupils to create strong bonds of friendship within the School and gain a sense of belonging to a community, allowing them to relate to generations of Old Grangeonians;
improving the infrastructure in order to deliver the best in educational resources. We are launching a Master Plan aimed at revising current facilities and updating them in order to keep our leadership amongst world-class schools. Educational resources and equipment need constant upgrading so as to provide the appropriate tools needed to deliver high standards of education;
-searching for and retaining the best professionals, both local and expatriate; high profile educators prepared to share our values and committed to educational excellence. The Grange is a privileged environment to work in and teachers should have the opportunity for continuous professional development, to learn from others and to share their own skills and expertise with colleagues.

We are delighted to report that today The Grange is in an excellent phase of its history and is perfectly placed to achieve all of these objectives and more. We aim to continue our proven eighty year old educational programme and keep on providing our pupils with the skills to grow and thrive in this century, which promises to be one full of challenge and change.

The Grange, to this day, places great importance on the idea of ‘fair play’, a concept with connotations of sportsmanship,  obedience and honesty. But this notion can be applied beyond the playing fields and into areas of life such as self-improvement, team habits, healthy competition, active participation and respect for others in all areas of life. In summary, it is a way of expressing an ethical idea respecting and valuing personal dignity and respect.

The renaissance ideal of the ‘all-rounder’, an ideal that strongly influenced the development of boarding school ethics in Britain, emphasizes the overall and harmonic development of the individual, encompassing what are usually referred to separately as the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘corporeal’. The idea of an integrated education, as promoted by John Jackson, attempts to blur these boundaries, to acknowledge that there are links between the healthy mind and the healthy body, and to strive for excellence and integrity in areas of intellectual, moral, artistic, sporting and social endeavour. These are high ideals and of course not every member of the community will successfully meet them, but they give us all a common purpose and a target at which to aim.

Academic excellence, a strong sense of self-confidence and the good standards of spoken and written English in a range of contexts, enable our pupils to achieve excellence throughout our territorial boundaries.
School Facts

Rachid Benammar

Board Members:
President: Francisco Varela ( OG 74 )
Víctor Recart (OG 62)
Rafael Torres (OG 75)
Enrique Cibié (OG 70)
Ana Claudia Amar (OG 89)
Rodney Everard (OG 70)
Rodrigo Huidobro (OG 91)
Carlos Hurtado (OG 85)
Loreto Massanes (OG 89)
Verónica Rojas (OG 78)

The Grange counts over 300 Staff members of whom 70 are administrative, 170 are full time local teachers and 60 are expatriate teachers.

Pupils: 1950

Age Range: 4-18 years

Groups per Level: 6 per yeargroup throughout

Average size class:
Pre-Kinder - Kinder: 24 pupils with 2 teachers per class.
1° Prep to 4° Medio: 24 pupils máximum per class

Total Surface: 92. 000 square meters.
Facilities: 24. 000 square meters.

6 Computer Classrooms
9 Science Laboratories
8 Music rooms fully equipped
4 Auditoria
2 Gymnasia
3 Libraries
2 Infirmaries
2 swimming pools ( 1 indoor pool)
1 Assembly Hall
1 Exam Hall
3 Conference Rooms
2 Dinning Rooms
Association of British Schools in Chile.
Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS)
The Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference
Latin American Heads Conference LAHC

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