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Upper Prep

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PSHE programme

We invite you to join our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme, complemented by a digital education programme (DEP). In it, our pupils develop the necessary skills to face the challenges of today’s world, seeking better individual and social well-being. To work online in PSHE, Click Here.

From 3º Básico to 6º Básico

With the vital foundations of independent thinking and self-discipline laid in the Lower Prep, the pupils enter 3rd Prep ready for the academic challenges ahead. Over the four years that they spend in the Upper Prep pupils will understand quickly that there is much more to School than merely repeating facts that the teacher writes on the board. The curriculum is a means of helping children to learn what is essential for preparing them for the Senior School and beyond, so that they are able to fulfil their role in society as adults.

The use of the English language is central to the academic curriculum throughout these four years, with much of each subject’s syllabus based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales and complying with the chilean requirements. Literacy, in both English and Spanish, plus Numeracy are seen as the bedrock of the Upper Prep but the other subjects are very important too.

Subjects such as Music, Drama, Art and Design Technology are taught by specialists and are seen as central to the curriculum rather than bolt-on extras. Work is differentiated so that all pupils are able to show what they can do rather than what they cannot do. Not all pupils can be scholars but they can all learn the determination to do their best at all times, so there is an emphasis on personal endeavour and effort. During these years each and every child should be able to find at least one thing that they can say they really enjoy about School.

When pupils leave 6º Básico we hope that they will have discovered their personal strengths, have the wisdom to acknowledge any weaknesses; they will be self-confident without arrogance, self-disciplined and have the strength of character to make the correct choice when faced with difficult personal decisions.

In brief, the goals are to give the knowledge, analytical and evaluative skills combined with the attitudes and moral values that are central to their intellectual and spiritual development.

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