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Mensaje del Rector

Welcome to The Grange School. This is a very special School with an impressive history and a wonderful campus. It sits close to the magnificent Andean mountain range, in one of the most vibrant cities in Latin America. Thus, inspiration at The Grange begins with its location. Above all, however, it is the high-quality, all-round education we offer our boys and girls that makes this an outstanding environment in which young people learn, grow and develop. Grangonians past and present are justifiably proud of their School. They share a determination to preserve its ethos, values and reputation, all of which were so firmly established by its first Headmaster, Mr. John Jackson.

While the preservation of history and tradition is paramount in our mission, The Grange also looks to the future with confidence and optimism. With the School’s 100th anniversary on the horizon, we do not stand still; rather we seek to build an increasingly dynamic, stimulating and inclusive learning community. Excellent teaching and learning are the bedrock of any good school and the importance of a rich academic culture, built on the national programme, but complemented by an international Cambridge curriculum in the Senior School, is fundamental. 

A Grangonian education is about much more than academic success, however. The skills our pupils learn on their educational journey here are as important as the examination results they achieve when they leave. We provide exceptional opportunities for pupils to discover and develop their potential in sport, music and the arts. The concept of the ‘all-rounder’ is not just well understood at The Grange School; it is celebrated as a cornerstone of a high quality education. Furthermore, the spirit of service and the importance of harnessing one’s talents and skills for the greater good is also fundamental to our educational philosophy. From pre-kinder through to the top of the School, the values of kindness, compassion, empathy and respect are nurtured and lived. 

With a background in teaching at two of England’s premier independent and international schools, I am fortunate to lead The Grange through the next stage of its development. I hope you will take the chance to visit us: I look forward to welcoming you. 

Mr. Nicholas A T Eatough, B.A (Hons) M.A, PGCE