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Pastoral Care

The Grange School seeks to achieve the full development of the potential of its pupils, through an education that allows harmonious intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical balance. As a way of promoting integral development, we have adopted the British model of Pastoral Care, with an objective to provide permanent accompaniment and monitoring of pupils in their various areas. 

All teachers have a role of Pastoral Care of the pupils. Along with this, there is a team, led by a Deputy Head (Pastoral) in each sector of the School (Lower Prep, Upper Prep and Senior School), made up of a Head of each level -from Prekider to 4º EM- in charge of monitoring their pupils, together with the head teachers or tutors of each course and with the support of a psychologist (Counselor) in each cycle. Together with the Nursing team and the School Coexistence Manager (or Child Protection and Coexistence Coordinator), we seek to promote a healthy environment, with a school climate conducive to learning. 

Together, the Pastoral Care team supports and promotes the educational hallmarks of our School, seeking that the sense of responsibility, honesty, loyalty and empathy are characteristic hallmarks, and where each member of the community develops within a framework of respect towards oneself and towards others, valuing diversity and contributing to the common good.