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The philosophy of The Grange School is founded on the traditions of the English Public Schools, whose principles are rooted in universal values.  This offers students the opportunity to study and grow in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral, social and physical development, emphasizing the importance of citizen participation, self-discipline, Fair Play and consideration for others. All this with a vision to educate for life.  The profile of our pupils is developed through the following four pillars: Sport, Academic, Arts and Service.


Sport is a tool to instill positive habits and values. Through their practice, the students learn Fair Play, as well as self-discipline, collaborative work, leadership, communication and resilience. Through traditional sports, and also increasingly with the diversification of sports, we have placed emphasis on instilling a life commitment with these, as a way of developing Wellness and healthy lifestyle.


The School seeks that the pupils have the disposition to achieve an integral learning through a mixture of the national and international curriculum, with the purpose of preparing them adequately to achieve the national and international education standards, through a highly challenging, valuing diversity in teaching and learning styles.


Education and artistic expression are stimulated in pupils from an early age, in various ways, with creativity being a fundamental element in the development of the profile of our pupils.


Social conscience, caring for others and committed service are fundamental parts of the development of our pupils. Along with teaching from a young age to promote a positive attitude towards others, through kindness, respect and empathy, the social sense of service to the community is a transversal area in the School, which is developed both from reflection and leadership development, as well as concrete practices to support different institutions and various initiatives.