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School Facts

Headmaster & Senior Management Team (SMT)

Mr. Nicholas A T Eatough

Senior Management Team (SMT)

General Manager: James Brackenridge (OG 84)
Head of Senior School: Carlos Packer-Comyn
Deputy Head of Pastoral Senior School: Irene Villarroel (OG 79)
Deputy Head of Academics Senior School: Myriam Munzenmayer
Head of Upper Prep School: Kate Ingamells
Deputy Head of Pastoral Upper Prep School: Carolina Varela
Deputy Head of Academics Upper Prep School: Carolina Rubio
Head of Lower Prep School: Carmen Gloria Gómez
Deputy Head of Pastoral Lower Prep School: Susan Pettersen
Deputy Head of Academics Lower Prep: Joanna McCann
Head of Human Capital: Marcela Cohen

Board of Governors

Cristóbal Hurtado (OG 94)

Vice Chairman
Ana Claudia Amar (OG 89)

Rodrigo Seoane (OG 92)
Rodrigo Huidobro (OG 91)
Rafael Torres (OG 75)
Tomas Chuaqui (OG 86)
Carolina Melo (OG 97)
Álvaro Barriga (OG 89)
María Paz Siraqyan (OG 86)
Verónica Cabezas (OG 96)
Cristián Varela (OG 98)

Alumnos y Staff

The staff at the Grange School is 345 strong, comprising 267 teaching staff (including 25 expatriate English-speaking teachers) and 78 administrative staff.

The school has been co-educational since 1971 and there are currently 2,147 pupils on roll between the ages of 4-18.

There are 6 forms per year group, except for the Prekinder, in which there are 12 forms.

The average number of pupils per class is 24.

The teacher to pupil ratio is approximately 1 to 9.